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Name:- the turtle moves -
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A community for all things Discworld.
This community is intended for the discussion of Discworld books and characters and the posting of Discworld fanworks in any medium. Please keep these guidelines in mind:
  • Place large images, long essays, spoilers and everything that needs a warning behind a cut.
  • Stay polite. Discussion is welcome, arguments and insults are not.
  • Don't advertise for the same community, website, roleplay, exchange, challenge etc. etc. more than once per week.
  • Don't post anything that obviously has nothing to do with Discworld. Off-topic discussion in the comments is fine.
  • At this time, anonymous commenting is allowed, and all members can create and add tags. Don't abuse them.
Just use your own good judgement, really. Should your good judgement differ strongly from that of the admin, [personal profile] kristalyn, she can freeze threads, delete comments and entries and ban members at her own discretion. There's room for discussion, but this isn't a democracy.
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