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Title: Not The Desired Outcome
Author: [personal profile] amaresu
Rating: All ages
Fandom: Discworld
Character: B.S. Johnson
Words: ~800
Summary: He never planned to go down in history as Bloody Stupid Johnson.

Not the Desired Outcome )
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Title: Seeing Things
Author: Jay (jaythenerdkid/bewarethespork)
Fandom: Discworld
Characters/pairings: Esmeralda Margaret Note Spelling, King Verence of Lancre, Queen Magrat of Lancre, Granny Weatherwax
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Spoilers: All the Discworld Witch books up to Carpe Jugulum (I think)
Prompt: From [personal profile] gehayi: Discworld, Queen Magrat's daughter (Esmeralda Margaret Note Spelling). I'd like to know what Em is like. Is she a witch? Is she anything like Magrat or Verence, or is she completely different? How does she get on with her mother? With the other witches? Has she ever had any adventures? If so, what?
Disclaimer: These are not the copyright holders you were looking for.
Author's Notes/Summary: Em has a question, but nobody seems to be able to help her answer it.

( The question first comes to her when she is five. )


Mar. 11th, 2010 09:24 am
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It's probably because I'm unfamiliar with and rather wary of Yahoo!Groups and Usenet message boards, but I really really don't see a lot of Discworld fandom online, so I thought I'd put these questions to the community (which has 39 subscribers now, yay!):

Why is the fandom so quiet? 
Are there any other fannish places you frequent? 
Since fanfiction can be posted to non-community oriented places like personal websites, which are your favourite fics and where can they be found?
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 I'm pretty sure this would be allowed! 

I am new to the Discworld books. The other saturday i went to the flea market and bought the first book. Its the signet edition. In great condition too. Only paid $2 for it.

I am slowly reading it, in my free time. I am about half way threw the book now and i began to look around for the second one. I can find the second one on eBay, but its in another country and $10+ for it. 

I know i can go to Borders or any book store really and buy it new. I just would like to collect all the original books. I prefer the covers to the newer ones, and also found when books get reprinted things sometimes change about them. I'd prefer to get the original printed ones! 

My question is, does anyone out there know of a place in the US online that i can order safely the second original book? Plus others. 
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I don't habitually keep up with my favourite author's personal lives, but now I stumbled upon the lecture PTerry gave on the subjects of Alzheimer and assisted dying a few weeks ago. You can watch it on YouTube (start here, about an hour in total).

Apart from being moved by many things he said, I was embarrassingly gleeful when some of his personal beliefs are things that are also mentioned in the Discworld books.

Firstly, on the subject of assisted dying, he tells us how this is and always has been a common practice, it was just never named. One of the euphemisms he mentions is "showing them the way", which I belief is the way Granny Weatherwax also puts it, though I can't remember where exactly.

Secondly, when he urges us to stand up to the medical professionals, he says something that very much echoes what Moist von Lipwig said in Going Postal: "Madam, illness is not a crime!’ said Moist. ‘People are not released from hospital, they are discharged!"

Anything else? Or thoughts, in general. I know I probably sound a bit cold, seemingly ignoring the Alzheimer issue, it's just not something I feel comfortable starting a conversation on. Don't let that keep you from commenting on it, of course.

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and why I don't think the rumours about her and Lord Vetinari are true. I must admit, I'm a bit biased here and I do tend to interpret canon in such a way that it does not interfere with my beloved pairings. Still, I don't break it, or at least I hope I don't, and while forming my defense, I discovered that Lady Margolotta is quite an interesting character.

I haven't really organized my thoughts on the matter, as I thought it would be more interesting to have a bit of a discussion. Expect minor spoilers for The Fifth Elephant and Unseen Academicals. Apologies if my citations are a bit off, I'm working from notes here and my handwriting tends towards the illegible at times.

Power is nothing but smoke and mirrors, and control is better than blood. )
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The visual arts are not my strongest suit and my CSS skills haven't been up to spiff for years, so the lay-out of our beloved community is very much default and made up of shades of brown. If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to share them. Ditto for the community title, subtitle and icons.

I've put up a suitably threatening profile. It should be obvious that this is a community for fans of Discworld, and now it is also obvious that it is for polite fans of Discworld.

With that out of the way, let's get to know each other a bit! To get us started, here’s an uninspired list of questions. Skip the ones you don't like and talk about as many other things as your heart desires.
  • When en how did you discover the Discworld books?
  • What is it about Discworld that makes you like it so much?
  • Favourite characters? Least favourite characters? Characters you don't care much about one way or the other? Motivate.
  • As above, but for the storylines.
  • As above, but for the books.
  • What makes a good Discworld community?
  • Anything about yourself you'd like the community to know?
Here's mine. )


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