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Title: Not Our Kind of Zombies
Characters: Polly & Mal
Rating: PG
Word Count: 172
Summary: These are earth zombies not discworld zombies, existential arguments are wasted on them.

The creature shambled towards Polly and Mal as they drew their swords. You didn't see a lot of zombies on the battlefield, generally soldiers were too relieved to be out of the battle to bother with the coming back business. (You didn't get a lot of medical staff in the Borgrovian Army but the few who were around were notoriously hard to kill.) Occassionally you got stubborn soles who were determined they were going to get home to see their wee Jeannie grow up and no amount of cutting their limbs off was going to stop them.

But this was different. This wasn't a member of the undead like the medics and, Polly supposed technically, Mal. This was a mindless creature, nothing left but the hunger, hardly worthy of the term zombie. Mal sounded faintly sickened when ze spoke, “go for the head, Polly, destroy the brain. Let's put the poor thing out of its misery.”

Polly nodded grimly. Whoever it had once been, they owed it that.

“On three.”


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