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A couple of wee discworld ficlets to share.

Title: Risk Assessment
Rating: PG
Characters: Susan Sto Helit
Word Count: 223
Summary: Susan understands the importance of lesson planning, she just objects to having to hand them in.

It wasn’t that Susan Sto Helit objected to lesson planning. If one was going to take a class full of seven year olds to visit a vicious historical battle, it was important to have a plan. It was bad form to risk one of the pupils getting an arrow to the head, no matter how annoying the child, or how much both their teacher and their fellow classmates might be secretly pleased. Worse, one might end up in the wrong place, with nothing for them to see and end up with one very bored class.

So it was not the having of lesson plans that bothered Susan. Rather it was having to hand them in to which she objected. Unlike her colleagues she didn’t fear that other teachers would steal her ideas; anyone trying would need to first acquire her rather unique skill set. For a start her boss wouldn’t actually believe them, so would think that Susan wasn’t taking either her job or her boss seriously – in the later case she didn’t but she enjoyed her job so it wouldn’t do for her boss to catch on – or worse if she did believe them she’d find new and horrible ways to stop her with red tape.

Susan understood the importance of risk assessment; forms just took all the fun out of it.

Title: Curious
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Detritus/Delirium, A'Tuin
Word Count: 470
Summary: Delirium has a shrine (somewhere/possibly/nowhere) to Detritus.
Author Note: A random pairing generator gave me the prompt for this Discworld/Sandman crossover.

She's always loved this world. Back when she was Delight it was her favourite. A completely flat world, balanced on the backs of four giant elephants, who are in turn balancing on top of an even more gigantic turtle. The whirling chaos of the world and it's haphazard natural magic, brought her so much pleasure in the old days. Even now, when she is no longer sure of anything, she likes this planet. She can walk this world in any form she chooses and no one cares. The bustling, desperate chaos of it's cities, it's random and often inexplicable happenings. This world is every bit as confused as she is.

Sometimes she goes and talks to A'Tuin, sitting tiny on his massive head, in the stillness of space. He's very lonely and sad, swimming through time all by himself. She hopes she makes him feel better but most of the time she thinks he doesn't understand a word she says.

She's in Ankh Morpork when she first meets him. She's a little lost that day. The city that normally soothes her, leaves her feeling more lost than normal. She could cope if she weren't alone she's sure. She just needs somebody to hold her hand, anchor her when the world seems to be spinning far too fast beneath her feet. He finds her on the ground, picks her up and dusts her down. This man of stone reminds her of someone else, though she doesn't know quite who. Someone she misses anyway. He's huge in a more approachable way than A'Tuin. She treasures the simplicity of his speech and his reasoning, for the first time in many years being quite confident that she's not being patronised. He gives her a tour of the city, perched on his shoulder she finds not only an unusual view, but a feeling of safety that she hasn't felt in almost three hundred years. He's so gentle with her. Strange to think that of someone who carries a piece of seige weaponary as a hand weapon. So calm among the chaos of the city.

When her older sister comes for him, she cries for weeks. There is no comforting her and she doesn't know why. She keeps a tiny piece of him that he no longer needs. A present from her sister. She keeps it in her realm. She looses it more often than not. Finding it at odd moments, cradling it like a treasure, though she has forgotten what it was. The memories find her sometimes, anchoring her among the chaos that is her realm. Calming her realm. Sometimes the memories are not of the Discworld troll. They are of another who kept her safe in times of confusion, before confusion was all that she knew.

Someone who's name wasn't Joe. Not even slightly.

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Date: 2011-05-07 08:54 pm (UTC)
lurkingcat: (Default)
From: [personal profile] lurkingcat
I love the idea of Delirium hanging out on the Discworld from time to time :)

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Date: 2011-05-14 05:01 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] meridian_rose
I love how in character/in world the Susan piece is :D


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