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everything is post-poned
seems stressa is as stressed
about to day as I could be.
we are just so opposite.
"<~>" introvert "<@>" extrovert
it's in repayment for M's helping them.

the latest stripes on the runway
I love seeing the variations created
by all the designers. fat stripes skinny stripes.
some of these are hilarious.
others I can see actually wearing.
it's like everyone will be barcode people.
I wonder if strips would work as a form of camouflage
you can't see me and focus and kill me.
or would they be shot first as a form of protest
paintball splats on stripes.

stripes with spots, sequin stripes
I liked the flowers on the strips
this coat is divinely constructed.
ZAC-Zac-Posen well tailored long coat
i'd like to make these
Mara-Hoffman-Resort-2018 farmers pants
I wonder if I have any fabric that would do.
I like the blue with the dark grey.

knit strips going across
are a lot easier to make than verticle
I need a ball of yarn for each and you need to twist
so they don't form a slit

I'd noticed this dress monday.
the original caption I saw for these said these were knit
but the red is zig zagged on the fold.
the fabric looks woven it might be wool
alexander McQueen sewn strips on folds red on greyblack
red on sewn  on white alexander McQueen fall 2017
"Http:www.livingly.com" has details too
just the way style.com did before vogue bought it
there's so much to see in the details.

the lines would really change on different bodies
expanding on bumps and curves-
some could hilarious,.

in the past I would have said certain bodies should avoid
certain things/patterns but now I'm more inclined to think
if you like something, wear it.
but it is best that if fits without the body trying to escape.

The Blood is the Life for 18-08-2017

Aug. 18th, 2017 11:00 am
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mini rug

Aug. 18th, 2017 12:40 am
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British murder mystery

got the dishes done
and washed my hair

Not wanted to cut the cv pipes, yet.
so I wove on a child's chair frame instead.

round weaving, wis

close up of weaving


pulled the fringe till it lay flat
and it turned square.
it shrank a lot.
the frame needs to be much bigger.

This the picture in a peice work magazine is
what got my focus on twined rugs-
the squares are unusual.
photo of unique twined rug by Lillie Sherwood

tomorrow we help stressa and kevin get a 2nd hand couch
then we have a feast.
should be interesting

The Blood is the Life for 17-08-2017

Aug. 17th, 2017 11:00 am
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Just removed access/subscriptions from a couple of people I haven't talked to in ages and who didn't subscribe back. Then I looked at my list and felt some despair, because I want to sort out more of that stuff and tidy up my userinfo, and it looks like effort.

Effort is hard.

So if I mistakenly removed you and you do drop by here, or you just like following what I'm up to, or I never gave you access when I said I would, or whatever, let me know.

Back to the lecture room

Aug. 16th, 2017 06:38 pm
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I love lecturing, but phew, I had totally forgotten how extremely exhausting it could be!

I had my first lecture of the term today. It is a lecture I've held lots of times before, but it also a lecture for the full cohort of exchange students, so about 300 this year. And I do not know a single one of them, which makes it all a bit harder. So after my hour of lecture I was totally exhausted.. Sweating like a pig, mentally and physically. And I wanted nothing more than to hide in my office, but first there was all the questions, and then I ran into the guy who a had the most massive crush on when we took beginner's Latin together, so we had to catch up (yep, still cute), and then we had a department lunch to welcome a new member of faculty. I have no idea what happened there, I just wanted to go home and faceplant into my pillow.

Then I rushed home and slept for two hours.

In other news I have a job interview on Monday! In good Norwegian spirit I got an email from them suggesting a time, and they asked me to answer by sending them a text message. Human interaction in for other people. The downsides is that two of my biggest competitors posted on Facebook that they have also been asked for an interview.

The Blood is the Life for 16-08-2017

Aug. 16th, 2017 11:00 am
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So apparently Daniel Craig will be doing one more Bond movie. I suspect that the studio just gave him an assload of money to defer the debate about a female/POC Bond few more years...

I'm pretty meh about this, because though I liked Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Skyfall RUINED MY CHILDHOOD (I'm only slightly exaggerating here) and I lost all interest in Craig!Bond movies (I did eventually watch Spectre on DVD and it was terrible). As for the next Bond, I don't know... I think Idris Elba would probably make a good Bond (though what I really want is a Dicsworld movie with Idris Elba as Sam Vimes), but I'm starting to feel that Bond movies as a whole have just overstayed their welcome. I'm not sure how you could even make them feel fresh anymore? James Bond is one of my ur-fandoms, but I just can't work up any excitement for it anymore.

And unpopular opinion, but I don't actually want a female Bond. I just think that if you changed it to Jane Bond, you might just as well change it to Jane Smith and do an action movie without all the baggage of the Bond franchise. And no, you couldn't explain it with the Bond-is-just-a-code-name theory because that's a fucking stupid theory.

(and no, this is not the same as a female Doctor (because the Doctor is an alien, so their gender is a non-issue) or the female Ghostbusters team (who weren't supposed to be the same characters as in the original movies))

I just want *new* female action heroes who are just as iconic as Bond, because I don't think there's anything about the franchise that would *add* to an action movie with a female lead.

(no subject)

Aug. 15th, 2017 11:35 pm
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I keep finding books to add to my master list of things-to-read, and discovering that said books are the second, sometimes third, book that an author has written - and I have their first one from a few years ago on my list.

Things stay on my list for a LONG TIME, yes. XD

In cat news, Cinders had a bad night last night. She likes to burrow under the throw on top of my blankets and pretend that she's a ... I dunno, a sandworm or something. So she did that, and she was playing "got your hand" with me, when Jesse snuck up and whapped her on the head.

Then after she recovered from that, Sam kicked her as he was stretching. And then Gidget jumped off the top of my bookcase and landed on her, full-weight. Poor girl scrambled out of the blankets, all wide-eyed and trembling. It took ages to calm her down!

Secret Garden

Aug. 15th, 2017 08:34 pm
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It's been a while since we had a new Gromit in the house :)


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Remember when I predicted that Good Omens will be the next wanky megafandom? Well, they just cast David Tennant as Crowley (and Michael Sheen as Aziraphale). So yeah. Definitely a megafandom.

Michael Sheen is good casting, I think - he's been good at pretty much everything I've seen him in (although I must admit that my "he'd be perfect in this" moment for him is actually his appearance in the Great Bake-Off, which I thought was very Aziraphael-esque :D). Not so sure about David Tennant, though. I just rewatched his Doctor Who episodes and he's a rather... shouty actor. He's just not anything like my image of Crowley.

Also, reportedly the miniseries will be set in current day, which makes me wonder how they'll deal with the more 80's specific elements of the book.

Monday is Mondayish. Again.

Aug. 14th, 2017 02:34 pm
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I was five minutes into my walk to work this morning when a rain storm fell on me. This is not the August weather that I ordered. Thankfully the office is warm enough today that I dried out quickly. I've successfully wrangled the Red Hat instructor who is, alas, of the special snowflake variety rather than the good egg variety. I've wrangled the Scheduling team into putting courses into rooms they can actually run in. I've successfully googled the problem with the photocopier and fixed it. Now if this s*dd*ng cold would just pack up and go I might survive the rest of the week without too much grumbling...

I missed most of the balloon fiesta this year and they didn't come over the top of our house and instead floated over to the left. So the only pictures I've got are of some small dots in a rapidly darkening sky last night:



happy rain(no lighting so far.

Aug. 14th, 2017 02:31 am
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the weather is here
and it is pleasantly wet.

mom did the "we'll cover you call".
was very happy to just say no.
We stayed home from the burnt food party.
Austin said the restaurant was empty.
so the cook was on break.
austin had poor luck at the last 2 places
he's a foodie so that's just not fair.

buzy day forM and canceled fire alarm

then off to see Ms M. it was odd she didn't wait til 2am
few hours early.

mike had another emergency call
poor fellow fell and it looked like
he got an artery on the back of his head.
it was a mess.

the poor fellow was doing pretty good
considering his place got puddles all over.
they were joking about tourniquets
good for bringing up his blood pressure.

got a call meet me at the from door with
a clean shirt and oxy-clean
it was no where near as bad as
I thought it would be.
the shirt is getting rain rinsed on the side fence.

from the brother 10 hour long sound videos





I like the rain noise
the wind in the snow one too
and ocean waves
the grey/white noise is just annoying.


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